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Danakil Depression Tour From Mekele In Ethiopia

Descending from Mekele in the Ethiopian highlands into the Danakil Depression, one might feel such as you have been heading into the centre of the Earth.

Elements are at minus one hundred metres and more under sea degree, and it is a extremely volcanic area surrounded by desert and dry salt plains.

It makes visiting in the midst of summer time all of the more fascinating. In a convoy of five automobiles, a sluggish descent was comprised of lush hills into barren nothingness.

The descent.

danakil depression tour from mekele

We travelled in convoy for security, in case of any breakdowns.

The thought of being stranded there was not a reasonably one! With the warmth slowly building, and the dryness touching on the throat, we drove for several hours, still descending, till we arrived at a nomad Afar tribal village.

goat herder in ethiopia

afar in ethiopia

Afar tribal woman.

A quick cease there to select up a police escort for security, we continued further into the centre of the world, recognizing camel caravans carrying salt from the plains.

camel caravan salt danakil depression ethiopia

camel caravan salt danakil depression

Arriving at a makeshift camp for the night time, a deep sense of being in the midst of nowhere was straightforward to feel. Dinner was served of freshly killed goat, killed in front of you, before being cooked up of their traditional approach.

With a full abdomen, and mendacity on woven picket beds, an try at sleep was made.

Some slept straightforward, while others tossed and turned, with only a heat breeze to cool things.

Quickly that slight breath of recent air disappeared, and one was engulfed in heat and sweat, and a peaceable night time was abandoned.

eating goat in ethiopia

Waking to the endless heat and taking a swig of warm water to moisten the mouth, we gathered into the automobiles and headed into the huge salt plains.

It was miles and miles of flat nothingness, a pure hell on earth. The temperature began rising in the direction of forty-five degrees celcius, and it was only 9 in the morning.

Getting into the warmth of the Danakil Depression.

danakil depression tour from mekele

After driving for some time we come throughout a break in the flat terrain, a rocky outcrop seems on the horizon, main us into volcanic territory.

The Danakil Depression is filled with extinct and lively volcanoes, with lava fields and sulphuric outbreaks within the harsh terrain. Getting out of the automobiles, an ascent was made.

A stench of sulphur immediately hit your senses, as the landscape became a multitude of yellow, and sticky, acidic brown mud. One can’t contact the liquid there, as it’ll burn you, as it oozes out of the bottom.

With the temperature heating up, the barren landscape around, and being at minus one hundred  metres under sea degree, you actually feel like you’re descending into the bowels of the Earth.


With an escort of three Ethiopian troopers for safety, and an Afar information, we headed further into this hellish space. You wanted the troopers as it’s very close to the Eritrean border, and rebels might come throughout and attack vacationers.

Five vacationers have been killed the yr earlier than, and that thought doe’s not escape your thoughts.

volcano in danakil depression ethiopia

Thirsty, scorching, and fascinated with the place you’re, the automobiles come back into sight, and we obtained on-board again and continued.

Reaching a spot with a lot of caves, we went out to stroll some extra, but you virtually just needed to seek out somewhere to lie down, the warmth was so intense.

danakil depression security

danakil depression security ethiopia

Driving some more you enter the centre of a salt subject so vast, you’re blinded by the white mild.

The air, the bottom, the every part, is so dry and scorching, all of it turns into like a mirage in the desert stretching across the horizon.

Even the locals don’t need to cope with the heat anymore, so a sluggish ascent along rocky salty roads is made, till the panorama modifications.

security in the danakil depression

Ascending for a number of hours, still in the convoy of automobiles, the air becomes brisker and the breezes slightly cooler. Lastly arriving at an Afar nomadic village larger up, a miracle comes out of the desolate region within the form of ice cold Coco Cola.

After consuming heat water, this was a welcome aid. Reaching the highlands once more, preparations acquired underway to descend as soon as more, leaving the subsequent day.

Climbing Erta Ale Volcano within the Danakil Depression

danakil depression transport ethiopia

With the warmth and memory of the first stage of the journey recent within the thoughts, the 5 automobiles have been again descending down into the desolate Danakil Depression.

The primary 4 hours of driving have been relatively straightforward, with a mixture of paved and filth roads, allowing the drivers to have some fun racing one another.

With a stop in an area Afar city en-route for some food, and to speak with some locals, the journey continued and soon enough the some-what consolation of a traditional street disappeared, and have become nothing greater than a volcanic lava area.

The brand new panorama turned surreal, like getting into another planet. Including to this, a desert sand-storm rolled in, decreasing visibility to perhaps twenty meters.

Photographs of the film Alien got here to mind, with it’s harsh rocks and dark winds. The automobiles began having hassle coping.

The lava rock was changed with mushy sand within the desert, and the sand -storm turned more robust, and at occasions visibility was dropped too three meters.

The automobiles quickly lost sight off one another, and drove around blind for about thirty minutes. With the storm subsiding just a little, the drivers have been capable of finding one another, and regrouped at a central level.

Now the subsequent part of the journey began as we entered an Afar army outpost. Stopping there too decide up an area guide and a number of other troopers for safety, again due too the murder of the vacationers the yr before, we moved on.

The street soon turned virtually un-drivable as it disappeared and have become strong lava rocks.

Velocity was lowered to ten kilometres an hour, as a painstakingly sluggish journey to succeed in base-camp was accomplished, reaching it after what appeared like eternally.

Earlier than getting into the base-camp, troopers jumped out of the automobiles and went forward to verify for any signs of hassle. The whole lot being okay, and with the sun vanishing over the horizon, the trek to Erta Ale Volcano was to start.

danakil depression security

The soldiers scouted on in pitch darkness, seemingly floating via the night time like ghosts.

You couldn’t see something, simply the texture of strong rock underneath your ft, because the sluggish climb upwards continued.

After three hours of exhausting trekking, now racing together with the troopers in the dead of night off night time, the primary glimpse of the summit of the volcano was seen, a brilliant glow erupting over the horizon ahead.

The safety detail marched on to the rocky escarpment at the prime by themselves now, where we might sleep for the night time.

After checking all issues have been ok, we climbed and joined them.


Now the delicate sounds of raw nature could possibly be heard.

A sluggish descent, and a stroll for one hundred meters throughout crusted, dried lava, took you to the edge overlooking the crater, the place a effervescent cauldron of molten rock, lava, and hearth, shone into your face and also you turned mesmerised.

danakil depression security ethiopia

The movements have been sluggish and delicate, small eruptions scattering new lava across the inside of the crater, creeping along and becoming a member of with the other molten rock, melding collectively, then breaking free full of fireside.

volcano in danakil depression

You turn out to be fixated at this sluggish show, the warmth hitting your face, the glow of the facility of the earth sending your senses into a riot.

One hour had already handed and it felt like an eternity, lost in time.

volcano in danakil depression

Another thirty minutes go by, and with the long day and walk, your eyes grow to be drained wanting on the fixed brilliant show, and it’s time to sleep for a number of hours.

You sleep just one hundred meters away from the lively volcano, and it’s arduous to sleep with the spectacular picture right next to you.

Quickly sufficient, after solely two hours sleep, it was time to go again down the volcano in the early hours of daybreak, earlier than the daytime heat of the Danakil Depression kicked in.

Strolling down within the delicate mild, now you can see what you we’re walking on through the night time, an enormous huge lava area of black rock.

With the solar rising, pictures of alien films enter the mind once more, as you race down the volcano, with the tough panorama bouncing underneath your ft.

Reaching base-camp as soon as more, it was time to go away back by means of the rough terrain, and up to the relative coolness of the Ethiopian Highlands.

The thought off having slept on prime of an lively volcano, and the picture of the craters glow perpetually burned in your mind, we headed out.

To visit the Danakil Depression shouldn’t be a simple process, nor must be taken frivolously.

Additionally it is not low cost from a price range travellers viewpoint, and one has to weigh the pros and cons with the budgetary considerations.

As a backpacker I try to travel on the cheap as a lot as potential, and recommendation on this website is geared in the direction of the finances traveller.

Nevertheless there are just typically in life if you simply have to decide on the activities you’re prepared to pay the extra to do.

For me this was a type of occasions when the professionals outweighed the cons, and I knew it will be a journey experience that I might remorse not doing.

It was low season once I went, and I managed to get a deal for 3 nights and four days at 420 US dollars, every part included.

I used to be already in Mekele, the town the place the tours depart from, and this will likely have helped in the lower cost, as an alternative of booking immediately from the capital Addis Ababa.

The guidebooks recommend that it might value around 500-600 dollars, and this is in all probability the case in the excessive season.

I can truthfully say that after over eighteen years of travel expertise, this was the most effective things I’ve completed.

The first a part of the trip to the sulphuric lakes and salt plains was great, but the spotlight by far is the volcano. I extremely advocate visiting.

That is the guide I recommend to take to Ethiopia:

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and in case you need extra explanation why you need to go backpacking in Ethiopia.

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