In the past few decades, the Australian way of life has been mostly spent in concrete jungles like Sydney and Melbourne.  Work to them is their life, with holiday plans farthest from their minds.  


That was then.  These days, people are always moving.  Everyone sees the value in work-life balance as more and more people travel each year for pleasure.  Ever since Australians have re-discovered their love for the great outdoors, they have bought hundreds of thousands of RVs every year.  


Going out on a road trip using an RV allows travellers to enjoy the countryside while benefiting from some of the creature comforts, the vehicle has to offer that an ordinary car cannot give.  


If you are like millions of Australians who would want to explore the nation using an RV but do not have one yet, do not worry!  We went through all the hard work looking for the coolest, most modern money-is-no-object RVs you can buy. In this article, we focused on the modern assortment of recreational vehicles, with the latest in RV electronics that have been showing up in the market.  All you have to do now is to take your pick among these RVs.


Here is the list of the coolest, most modern RVs, trailers, and campers.  




Airstream is perhaps the most popular brand in this group.  Known for its sleek silver exteriors, it has been running the American highways since the 1930 and now enjoys iconic status.  It has even one-upped the competition by teaming up with no less than Pendleton Woolen Mills, another well-known American company, albeit for a limited edition release of the vehicle which they named the Limited Edition Pendleton National Park Foundation Airstream Travel Trailer.  Only 100 of them went into production.  This model pays tribute to the country’s parks and all the adventures one can enjoy in them. 


This trailer is 28 feet in length and can sleep six people.  It has that lodge-like feel in it along with a national park-inspired Pendleton decor and bedding, all aimed at enriching the outdoor adventure experience.  




These Xpedition Vehicles from Colorado are built using the highest quality materials and attention to detail.  These bad boys are durable, with everything you need built right in. It is so complete that even the Ford truck that drives it is included in the all-in-one package.  It is made for the tough, off-road adventures, yet it has that luxury apartment on wheels feel. Once you step into an Earthroamer, you would never look back. Truly, the Earthroamer is the creme de la creme of all recreational vehicles.




Back in 2010, we were simply amazed by the Mehrzeller.  Back then, everyone could create a unique design online.  Now, it is an RV like no other. It looks like bubbles on wheels with its  multiple-sided exterior .  It does look pretty awesome; it is actually a multicellular caravan that is an improvement from your typical campers.  It is a great choice for travellers who still would want to bring with them the modern aesthetics of home to their travels.  


Happier Camper


If you are a happy camper in every one of your travels, then this one is the Happier Camper!  Its classic design gives you a nostalgic feeling, yet it has contemporary features that can make your journey fun and convenient.  It is affordable and super light that you can tow it with a sedan. It has the Adaptiv feature which allows you to customize when you are out on the road for camping, hauling, vending, or using it as a guest quarters, all in a matter of minutes.  Aside from that, it has plenty of other features that you can add, like digital heaters, iPad docking stations, solar panels, and lightweight air conditioners. This small trailer can sleep up to five people too. It looks so cute that it arouses interest wherever you are.  


Safari Condo


This is another lightweight alternative to the larger variety: the Alto R model.  Its teardrop-like design makes it aesthetically pleasing, yet it has some pretty cool features. For one, the teardrop is not just for aesthetics; it actually saves gas because it has an aerodynamic exterior, yet it does not sacrifice the extra living space that the larger and heavier campers offer.   Also, it has an electric, retractable roof which gives more additional space inside when parked. It can sleep up to 4 people and has all the typical creature comforts that other campers offer; there is the toilet, dinette, and kitchenette. So cool!


NEST Caravans


There is a certain sophistication that the NEST caravans bring to the road, what with its sleek, unibody design which focuses on appealing to outdoor enthusiasts who have a flair for design. This caravan is compact, which features 6.5’ of headroom which is great for taller people.  It also has a queen bed with stainless steel accents. You do not have to worry about leaving home since it is equipped with the latest tech components.  


Hopefully, this encourages you to go out and enjoy what nature has to offer.